Ezüsthíd Otthon


Care, maintenance, supply suffering from a serious illness and demeciával struggling psychiatric patients, psychiatric patients geronto daily / monthly fee form.

The home is in need of only seriously ill or in part, can not self-sufficient, at least 4 hours a day care and residential care facilities provide daily care - care. The care care facilities specifically for the elderly with dementia, senile dementia (Alzheimer's dementia and vascular dementia), Parkinson's disease or cerebral events in (stroke, etc) in patients undergoing, and locomotor, visual, provides auditory disabled seniors with outstanding professional Hungary care.

Care - care institutions would deal with seriously ill, yet strives to provide the friendliest possible personal and material conditions, and safety while maintaining the most secure freedom ellátottainknak, thus avoiding the "hospital" in nature. Care, nursing care, full service, friendly atmosphere!

A separate section pszchiatriai patients receive appropriate psychiatric care placement.

The home is a 24-hour professional nursing supervision. Family doctor, dentistry, dermatologist, neurologist and pszichiátterrel with the specialized care provided in the old village with a maximum services on a weekly basis.

For 55 people, we can provide a home and care 1,2 and 3 bed rooms, each with private bathroom and toilet.

In residential care activities in the current institutional care services to persons, physical, mental, lifestyle and health care should be understood that amounts to an appropriate individual treatment of the social, physical and spiritual state of residence.

Total nursing care, home care providers. Our goal is to improve the lives of people in the nursing home located in raising the quality of life.

The following services are provided for each resident:

- Eating four times a day, if necessary dietary options (varied tastes homemade, personalized tálalással)
- The care (weekly visits to family doctor, a neurologist, psychiatrist, and if necessary to see the doctor on duty in the town dwellers)
- 24-hour nurse service (24 hours a day by qualified nurses they are posted)
- Providing Prescribed medications (medications in the institution's basic medication list, medical aids, incontinence products free of charge provided)
- The organization of hospital management (in hospital referral packet to be sanitary agents, ruházatból regularly keep in touch with the hospital, we will notify the family)
- Organization Screening (annually or as needed organize lungs, vision, hearing, gynecology, dermatology screenings)
- Consulting (provided with lifestyle, diet and psychological advice, where appropriate, residents and relatives) to the relatives
Cultural and leisure (regularly organize seminars, events, theater visits, trips to the claimants to) -
- Cleaning of the rooms and public spaces (common areas were cleaned daily, and the residents rooms, too.)
- Wash (done within the same institution for the residents of washing clothes, and repair, but it is possible to "whistle" Recourse too)
- Unlimited coffee, soft drinks, mineral water (carbonated and non-carbonated mineral water can be consumed by diabetics, soft drinks, coffee, unlimited, provided free of charge)
- Daily fresh fruits, vegetables, cakes (seasonal fruit compote, fresh bakery and pastry daily on the menu)
- Hairdressers (available free of charge every other week)
- Pedicure (monthly is available free of charge)
- Dental care on site (available after personal interview)
- Correspondence complicating (the nurses can help by reading the letters, writing the dispatch of)
- Library (Hungarian and foreign language books that are available to the residents)
- Daily and weekly newspapers (the institution for the next day and paid for weekly newspapers: People's Freedom, Hungarian Nation, Blikk, National Sports, Story, Tina, Women's Journal, Surprise, our homes, Color RTV)
- Telephone, fax, email, internet facilities (residents of mobile and fixed line, mobile phone device, but can also be achieved, and is available online contacts as well)
- Physiotherapy (available after personal interview)
- Therapeutic Massage (available after personal interview)